TerraLand Moon Surface Generation Tutorial Part 2

March 3, 2018 TerraLand Tutorials
Part 2


  • Go to the NEW TERRAIN SETTINGS section and adjust desired settings for the new terrains generating out of the given heightmap. In this case, “Tiles Grid” set to 1, “AREA SIZE UNITS” is set to 5000 x 5000 and “PIXEL ERROR QUALITY” is set to 1 to bypass terrain’s LOD & tessellation operations in view distances. The following picture shows adjusted settings:


TerraLandTerrain2.jpg ​


  • Press button “GENERATE TERRAIN” at the bottom of the GUI so that new terrain(s) will be generated in your scene based on the adjusted settings.


  • If you find that generated heights are not properly aligned and they are exaggerated or shallow, you can bring up the “TerraLand Downloader” component and edit terrain(s) heights. Bring up TerraLand Downloader by going to Tools => TerraUnity => TerraLand => Downloader and drag & drop the generated terrain(s) in the OFFLINE DATA section of the UI as the following picture:


TerraLandDownloader1.jpg ​


  • From the Top tabs, go to Options and set a value for the ELEVATION EXAGGERATION and press button SET HEIGHTS. In this case we set the value to 0.75 in order to lower the heights by 25% as the following picture:


TerraLandDownloader2.jpg ​


  • It is possible that you might find extra noises and details on terrain surface. To remove these jagged edges and unwanted terraces from your terrain, in “TerraLand Terrain” go to the section SMOOTHEN TERRAIN HEIGHTS, give desired ITERATIONS value to setup smoothing steps and click Smoothen Heights. The following picture shows available options:


TerraLandTerrain3.jpg ​


  • The following picture shows before and after Smoothing operation on terrain surface:




Source: https://forum.unity.com/threads/terraland-2-high-quality-photo-realistic-terrains-from-real-world-gis-data.377858/page-3#post-2682819